Soon the invaders will come and rain destruction on Intheris. This will not be the first time, but this time we have a new ally. He has witnessed this before as an invader but now he realizes the mistakes in their way. He has scoured Theris searching the best of the best. Now it falls to you to turn these heroes into the perfect team so that Intheris may stand a chance.


In Keepers of Intheris you control a team of three heroes and your goal is to reach 20 points by either destroying your opponent's bases or defeating their heroes.

You will need to anticipate your opponent’s moves and take advantage of their mistakes to claim victory.


The Heroes of Intheris fit into one of five different roles: Menders, Pathfinders, Guardians, Assassins and Wizards.

Menders support their allies by healing their wounds with life or death magic. Pathfinders damage their enemies from a distance with their ranged weapons. Guardians support their allies by protecting them from damage. Assassins damage their enemies in hand to hand combat. And, Wizards damage their enemies with devastating magic from a distance.

Your hero’s role shows an affinity for a purpose, but does not limit them.


Like Hero Roles, each Element will provide unique benefits.

Fire will damage your opponent’s heroes while Water will heal your own. Earth will deal additional damage to the opponent’s bases but, Wind will help you defend your bases and move Heroes. Lastly, Lightning can be used to bend the rules of the Match in your favor.

Choose your elements wisely to better suit your strategy.